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Перевод: witchery speek witchery

колдовство; черная магия; чары ; очарование


  1. Of course people do not become frenzied quite as readily in 1993 as they did in 1919, but with the assistance of one of Edinburgh's premiere restaurants, The Witchery, The Scotsman and the House of Sandeman have devised an evening which should enthuse even the most jaded citizen.
  2. This dinner, to be held on Monday March 15, will be hosted by George Sandeman, and present the opportunity to sample the restaurant's renowned cooking of fine Scottish produce, matched to wines specially chosen for the occasion by Witchery sommelier Claus Nielsen.
  3. Last month, for the second year running, The Witchery won the Decanter Magazine/ Sandeman award for Britain's best restaurant wine list.
  4. Yet I am so much under the spell of your witchery I might have viewed parson's mousetrap with a kindly eye were you the bait - and not the false promises with which I am to be lured.
  5. The Witchery By-The-Castle
  6. George Sandeman, the company's general manager flew in from the Douro valley to present Witchery proprietor James Thomson with the award, and it was then that a decision was made to offer a unique dinner to readers of The Scotsman.
  7. She at first refuses to help him, suspecting a trap to catch her out in witchery, but as the clerk, Wilekin, persists she finally agrees to solve the problem, accepting twenty shillings in payment.
  8. The Witchery By-the-Castle

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