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Перевод: with speek with

с; вместе с; от; несмотря на;


  1. The sharp declivities on all sides give depth to the prospect and reveal Mallerstang below and the Eden valley winding into the distance backed by Cross Fell, with the town of Kirkby Stephen also easily seen.
  2. This factor applies less with foods rich in dietary fibre, because these foods - happily - tend to be inexpensive.
  3. She did not immediately come back with an answer, but looked at him steadily for some seconds before she said, "That's why you think you've got me here for good, isn't it, Father?
  4. Sixty-two per cent of those in old people's homes had been there for a year or more compared with 47 per cent of those in nursing homes, but this difference might have occurred by chance.
  5. No school of architecture or civil engineering wants to study or teach about building with earth.
  6. It is important to stress that UDCs are not the lead agencies in such services as housing, Education and health, which remain with local authorities and other public agencies.
  7. The F-Plan provides you with many easy-to-carry meals, like sandwiches, and, hopefully, you will take your lunch to work with you while dieting.
  8. Racing is held at York during six meetings from May to October with the biggest gathering during August
  9. A trade conflict with Spain - allies of France - arose in 1734 and soon the old animosity between France and England came to the surface.
  10. If you can help the school with photos or exhibits or would like to get involved in some way, "phone 0420 23273.
  11. The old terminus was converted into a goods station, a common fate for superannuated passenger stations throughout the world, and Fort was provided with platform canopies and flowers to enhance its attractive position beside the lake in the centre of the city.
  12. This shows a scene at one of her famous parties, with the greeting: "Hope you can come in more ways than one."
  13. Their claim was all the more pointed for it was made in the City of London, in the heart of the constituency of Peter Brooke - replaced last night as Northern Ireland Secretary - who has led, with consummate patience, the process of bringing all the Ulster politicians to the same conference table for the first time in 16 years.

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