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Перевод: withdraw speek withdraw

отдергивать; забирать; брать назад; изымать; извлекать; уходить; удаляться; ретироваться; отводить; увести; отзывать; отвыкать


  1. The same area saw a direct reversal for the bishops in July, when they had to withdraw their summons to the reforming preachers in the face of strenuous opposition from the local Protestant gentry who complained directly to Mary of Guise; the regent promptly denied knowledge of the summons and proclaimed the doctrine of love of God and neighbour to the Protestants, while instructing the bishops to leave them alone.
  2. Next, as you withdraw the punch, simultaneously step forward.
  3. Meanwhile, the survival of the Central African Mail seemed in doubt: David Astor of The Observer in London wanted to withdraw.
  4. These are the establishment of an ethical committee which would weed out corrupt party officials, the disbanding of the notorious workers guard, a declaration that the new party would hand back to the nation a substantial chunk of the old party loot, and a resolution calling on all parties, including their own, to withdraw from workplaces.
  5. A confusion of fishing fleets, sardine nets, and the glare of flares silhouetting the submarine as Allied bombers attacked a nearby port forced them to withdraw.
  6. Dr El-Essawy, of the more moderate Muslims, said Mr Rushdie only had to withdraw the book and Muslims would give up their campaign.
  7. Do you withdraw?
  8. Some people get back pain, some get irritable, some withdraw, some become frantic and panicky, some assume a calm, out-of-touch-with-reality veneer, some spend all their time moaning about what's wrong
  9. But the day before this fixture Kelaher suffered kidney damage in his opening club match for his new Randwick and was forced to withdraw.
  10. Throughout the book I have extolled the virtues of the post office, mainly because, even in the most rural areas you are likely to have a sub post office, where you will be able to deposit and withdraw money all week and on Saturday mornings as well.
  11. In addition they are apt to be submissive and extremely biddable; far too willing, also, to withdraw from situations they find difficult.
  12. Mr Jack Straw, the shadow Education Secretary, called on the Government to abandon the scheme and withdraw the bill.
  13. A powerful section of the Labour Party was demanding that Britain withdraw.

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