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Перевод: withdrawal speek withdrawal

отдергивание; увод ; изъятие; взятие назад; отход ; удаление; вывод войск; отозвание


  1. Nottingham (tel: 0602 481444) is offering the same return on its Anniversary Bond for investments of 5,000 or more but there are penalties on withdrawal within 12 months - 90 days' loss of interest.
  2. But these bright spots were dimmed by the assassination of the Western-orientated Hashemite royal family in Baghdad on 14th July 1958 during the Nasser-inspired coup, which ended Britain's treaty relations with Iraq and led to the RAF's withdrawal from the Habbaniyah and Shu'aiba air bases that lay on the air-reinforcement route to the Far East.
  3. International: Poland and Russia agree to big troop withdrawal
  4. This "withdrawal" - which can be explained as a collective, dignified attempt not to have any truck with the enterprise except on one's own terms - which an outsider can describe as apathy or schizoid withdrawal - has far-reaching political consequences.
  5. Marchers and speakers at this year's demonstration called for immediate British withdrawal from Ireland and for self determination for Irish people.
  6. For withdrawal and replacement by new edition
  7. MP Michael Clark would not confirm he had been threatened with the withdrawal of a Government trip to Canada if he did not vote with the Tories.
  8. Now, in the first detailed account of what were apparently serious efforts by the Mojahedin to subvert Soviet power, Tass has quoted Mr Vladimir Petkel, the head of state security in Tadjikistan, as saying the situation had become considerably worse since the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.
  9. Numerous Iraqis, Palestinians and others became victims of human rights violations at the hands of Kuwaiti government forces and armed Kuwaiti civilians, particularly during the four months of martial law following the Iraqi withdrawal.
  10. Withdrawal is still the preferred mode of providing extra help in primary schools, as suggested in surveys of current practice (Clunies-Ross and Wimhurst, 1983; Hodgson, Clunies-Ross and Hegarty, 1984; Croll and Moses, 1985).
  11. When the British Expeditionary Force was ordered to retreat, the Pioneers were issued with rifles, machine-guns and anti-tank weapons to help fight the rearguard action on the withdrawal to Dunkirk.
  12. It is no coincidence that the areas of greatest prosperity in late twentieth-century Britain correspond to the civil area of the Roman province: at no time since the withdrawal of the Romans from Britain in AD 410 has the economic and political relationship with continental Europe been so close.
  13. The little country goes into withdrawal if it is delayed.

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