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Перевод: withdrawn speek withdrawn

замкнутый; ушедший в себя;
#p.p. от withdraw


  1. Several SPCK authors have withdrawn from the Society's lists in protest at the book's cancellation.
  2. Jill Atkin and Gill Brown have withdrawn, with Sutton Coldfield's Mandy Pickles and Slough's Sue Chandler coming in as replacements.
  3. Carron Phoenix, the Glasgow sink manufacturer which has withdrawn its recommendation for French company Bene's bid, could receive an offer from 6.4 per cent shareholder Franke of Germany.
  4. The King came in, sullen and withdrawn, but his mood changed rapidly.
  5. InterCity turned in its first profit in 1988-;9, only a year after transitional support was withdrawn.
  6. Had it been accepted, the District would have been confined to only three centres in Norfolk - Norwich, Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn and would have withdrawn from at least ten other centres at which WEA branches had existed, some from the early twenties.
  7. Hoylake withdraws action: Hoylake has withdrawn its court action against the insurance commissioners in nine US states, challenging their right to review its bid for BAT Industries.
  8. The union was recognized by the FA, but when it affiliated to the Federation of Trade Unions, recognition was withdrawn and players were told to resign from the union or be banned from football.
  9. We will debit amounts withdrawn by use of your Card to whichever of your accounts you select except for any withdrawals made after either (i) your right to use your Card has been terminated under Condition 8 or (ii) we have received your notification of the loss or theft of your Card under Condition 4 (provided you are not in breach of these Conditions).
  10. The Vulcans have recently been withdrawn because of their age.
  11. In August 1923, the "Southern" bus fleet was augmented by the transfer of three K type open top buses and one S type from the L.G.O.C. and several of the B type were withdrawn.
  12. Three foreign entrants have already withdrawn and a meeting tomorrow of the British Wheelchair Racing Association could call for a boycott by all British competitors.
  13. England would have had six existing internationals in the team but Kevin Stamp was accidently hit in the mouth by a stick at the training weekend and has withdrawn.

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