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  1. Charles's cavalry rallied to hold off the 500 enemy horse which broke through into the rear of his lines and formed a protective corridor down which he, and those of his men still able to fight, slowly withdrew, fiercely resisting.
  2. NURI "ABD AL-KARIM LAYEDH MUHAMMAD, a 62-year-old driver, and his two sons SABAH and "ABD AL-KARIM: Iraqi nationals resident in Kuwait, they were "disappeared" in March 1991 shortly after Iraqi forces withdrew from Kuwait.
  3. Soon afterwards, on Good Friday, Walter was seized by a fever; his house was invaded by impure demons; he just had time to struggle to Sault and make his confession; and at dawn on Easter Sunday "he withdrew from his body".
  4. He withdrew striker Steve Flanagan and brought on young Sean Dowling at right-back, Farnham were thus able to rely on a strong midfield presence of Millard, Daly and May, with Deighan and Stairs looking to stretch Cranleigh wide on the flanks.
  5. Though Norwich reached the FA Cup semi-final at Villa Park in 1989, they were left with only three survivors from the team which lost to Everton when Ian Crook withdrew yesterday.
  6. Etheridge, English-born with Irish parentage, replaces Neil Francis, who withdrew last week because of business commitments, and he intends to play for the Irish Exiles side in their provincial championship debut next season.
  7. KENT Opera went into liquidation yesterday, unable to continue after the Arts Council withdrew its 750,000 grant.
  8. She poked busily at the concoctions, withdrew the tins from the oven and put them on the scrubbed wooden table to cool.
  9. Then they withdrew, leaving the task force of four at the foot of the ditch of Famagusta.
  10. When this failed, the Scots withdrew from England, after having their expenses paid by Parliament, in whose hands the King was left.
  11. The machinery in the winding house was blown before the parties withdrew carrying Gerard Brett.
  12. In 1746 the British squadron withdrew to Calcutta to refit; the French seized their opportunity and captured Madras, the main British settlement in southern India.
  13. The meeting also withdrew the vote of thanks given to Mr Zhivkov when he was forced to resign as Communist Party and state leader on November 10.

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