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Перевод: withe speek withe

ивовый прут; лоза


  1. They also possessed in skipper Gerrie Mans a nuggety customer blessed withe a wicked turn of pace.
  2. A dinghy sized catamaran has two thin hulls withe a sheet of canvas stretched inbetween for the crew to sit on.
  3. Like the other playwrights whose response to Thatcherism and brutality has been some hand-wringing of their own, Barker is too infatuated by his heroine's strength to humanise her withe vulnerability and too in awe of her for a passionate or coolly detached opposition.
  4. Even so, the many pages of dour and strenuous virtuosity are shot through withe frequent flashes of brilliance and in the Larghetto's brief but haunting decorations Chopin's character becomes unmistakable.
  5. The nearest comparable company, GGT, was more aggressive withe regard to acquisition and diversification, but the result has been a weakened balance sheet."
  6. Caroline Raphael has joined Pan Macmillan's key accounts department withe special responsibility for St Martin's Press.
  7. Christine Lawson is helping withe scenery; Tom Ashton and Michael O'Hare are stage hands; Bridget Ladyman is a dresser; Naomi Hayes and Kirsty Garbutt are wardrobe assistants.
  8. Don has a problem with the octet's first quatrain, Ron has a problem with the second quatrain, Jack and Jim have a problem with the first quatrain of the sestet, and I think we all have a problem withe final couplet."
  9. Watercolours predominate in the three-floor display, withe subjects from extremely local townscapes such as architect Jack Chamberlain's studies of Alton's market square, White House and museum square to the abstract - as an Alton artist Len Wilding's vividly coloured Galaxy.
  10. The trouble lies withe laity, encumbered, even if unconsciously, by a vision of Trollope's Church, of an old order and propriety, with services in Cranmer's English.
  11. The same goes for a comparison of 3.3million Shearer and Mike Newell with Forest's Peter Withe and Tony Woodcock.
  12. Marie-Claire Alain makes a wonderful sound on the organ of the Vienna Konzerthaus, and at least this disc has the advantage of having been made withe the organ and orchestra in the same building.
  13. One thing withe Guild, was some small, very useful peel off stickers which could be used on letters, envelopes or on the work produced.

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