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Перевод: wither speek wither

вянуть; увянуть; увядать; отцветать; сохнуть; засохнуть; блекнуть; иссушать; лишать свежести; ослабевать; уменьшаться; уничтожать; отсохнуть


  1. Market forces would then bring it about that "bad" schools would simply wither away, or be compelled to become "good", if they were to remain open.
  2. Large-scale, publicly-owned enterprises will breathe their last gasp and wither away well before the state which spawned them.
  3. As always, the strongest make a steady recovery but the others either wither away because they actually believe their press or, more commonly, find themselves selling considerably fewer records.
  4. The only relief is that some of the heads wither away as new ideas take over, so that old techniques and formats become redundant.
  5. Age does not wither us: it accentuates our main characteristics.
  6. There was a story that she had once been married to a hollow cheeked Indian tour guide called Willy Wither who had taken us up the river and touchingly offered me the use of his very expensive camera ("A holiday without a camera is a terrible thing."),
  7. If it did it would soon lose support and wither away.
  8. This was his St Martin's summer, an autumnal madness, nothing that the first cold of winter couldn't wither.
  9. The Upper Gumtree Unwins and the Flokati couple seemed locked in common interest: whether the instant friendship would wither after their mutual race would be Wednesday evening's news.
  10. So this is an odd time to let the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade wither, or to be thinking of dismantling the post-1945 multilateral trading system in favour of a slide to managed trade and protection.
  11. There are two approaches to consider when you're playing shots through crosswinds; wither to allow the ball to move with the wind, or to learn to shape the ball flight to nullify its effect.
  12. The Church of England was meant to wither and die on the vine, not to survive.
  13. They will wither at the first frosts anyway, if they come; and if they don't

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