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Перевод: withered

высохший; сморщенный; жухлый


  1. Martha paused with her, noticing that Hyacinth was sweating heavily and her skin, normally plump and smooth, looked oddly withered and sunken around her eyes.
  2. Each building along the Hammersmith Road is a mishmash of tired cliches, from mirrored wall glazing to low brick walls studded with small withered plants separating entrances from pavement.
  3. Crayshaw and that Lawyer Loveitt - he's a withered customer if th'likes.
  4. She sinewy lean with a withered leg.
  5. When Lloyd George talked about the Empires and Kingdoms, kings and crowns of Europe falling like withered leaves, he should have been talking about the millions of ordinary people, the music and laughter and minutiae of countless lives, washed away like a child's map drawn on a slate left out in the rain.
  6. I think the cut-out must have no plant form then, it should be earthy or an old withered tree trunk or some such - because the dancers personify Spring so much that the stage should represent the earth.
  7. Black tea is perhaps more familiar to most people; the withered leaves are left to fully oxidise (ferment naturally) to the familiar dark brown colour before they are dried.
  8. Stanza three's shockingly different mythology prepares us for "This withered root".
  9. Then, with flint and steel, he struck a spark and at the fifth attempt carried it to a withered leaf, which delicately he breathed into flame.
  10. Jeane Russell was an unsuitably voluptuous fairy queen with gossamer wings and golden spangles on her bare, withered arms.
  11. Election "92: The moment the red rose withered
  12. But his clipped tone withered Sylvester.
  13. Only then would he hang the burden of his shield upon a withered branch.

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