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Перевод: withering speek withering

иссушающий; испепеляющий;


  1. Frau Nordern was withering.
  2. One of the causes of the inner-city crisis has, precisely, been the withering of the "Victorian value" of civic philanthropy which once encouraged locally-based businesses to link commercial considerations with the welfare of the wider community.
  3. Mrs Thatcher's withering contempt was far more damaging.
  4. Again from Australia had come Sister May Kenny with her method of nursing the child incessantly in the arms, massaging the withering limbs and gently lowering them into warm water.
  5. Given the withering contempt expressed by the Situationists for "prositus", one shudders to think what Debord et al .
  6. I give him what I hope is a suitably withering look.
  7. Last year Dell Computer, a Texan maker of IBM clones, launched a withering series of advertisements comparing its machines with Compaq's dearer models.
  8. Still munching cheese, Paul made a dive for his coat only to be halted by his mother's withering glare.
  9. Headed by Lord David Silsoe, a quiet, polite man whose demeanour belied his lightning brain and withering ability to unnerve his opposition, there were four supporting barristers as well as instructing solicitors and advisers.
  10. Shelby didn't like Ferrari; like plenty of others before and after, he had experienced at first hand Enzo Ferrari's withering contempt for lesser mortals.
  11. (Joseph) Startled by the camp's ferocious defence, Miles mustered the 5th Infantry for a charge "towards the village on foot, but the withering fire of the Indians soon proved too severe, and attempts to capture the village by such means had to be abandoned."
  12. When I was foolish enough to laugh at a preposterous and provocative statement made by Mr Dinsdale - who had surely modelled himself on Dickens's character Mr Bounderby - he gave me a withering look and asked sarcastically: "Is this a reason to laugh?"
  13. The great obstacle, however, to a withering away of the state pension is the fact that, although in economic reality current pensions are paid from current contributions and other taxes, the state pension scheme has been institutionalised as a structure of vested rights or expectations stretching forward over half a century.

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