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#past и p.p. от withhold


  1. Medical care was virtually non-existent, food and water often withheld, and torture rife.
  2. A consequence of this tradition is that the sculptor's own personality may receive less prominence in a monograph than a painter's, as the effect of patronage given or withheld can be decisive in a sculptor's career.
  3. Name and address withheld by request
  4. Broadly speaking, one argument asserted that any improvement in the adverse conditions of life was inherently desirable and should not be withheld from a needy community.
  5. The very fact that Barthes does not present his work in terms of a theory of ideology means that the interpretive basis on which he is operating can be withheld from the reader.
  6. It is understood that family members, who control the estate of the writer, asked for the material to be withheld.
  7. Even within the United Kingdom, an Act of Parliament (the Northern Ireland Parliament, set up under the Government of Ireland Act 1920 which withheld certain powers from it) has been held to be limited in respect of the range of authority which it conferred ( Belfast Corporation v O.D. Cars Ltd 1960 AC 490).
  8. NPAs have no compulsory powers and the Minister is the final arbiter of whether or not grant is withheld if a scheme proceeds without the NPA's agreement.
  9. Were a similar case to arise today, it is almost certain that a strenuous argument would be mounted on the basis of Commonwealth precedents concerning the limited powers of central legislatures established by a "superior" Act of the imperial Parliament which withheld certain matters from their purview.
  10. To maintain the row's high pitch of energy, you need to make sure that sympathy is withheld by all parties.
  11. Part of the truth is withheld until the affective aspect of a historical situation is introduced.
  12. Yesterday the International Squash Players Association confirmed it had received the 15,000 (9,400) withheld after Jansher's walkout from the World Open's official dinner.
  13. She sent for her confessor because she was in mortal sin; she had withheld from him in confession a sin of which she was ashamed, but because he spoke sharply to her, she did not confess it at all this time either.

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