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Перевод: withhold speek withhold

отказывать в чем-л.; не давать согласия; удерживать; останавливать; утаивать; умалчивать; вычит`ать


  1. First, the determination of capacity to consent or to withhold consent is not made by the patient, but by those treating him.
  2. Detectives from Reading family protection unit claimed that Douai Abbey School in Berkshire tried to withhold information about Creagh and pupils he was suspected of abusing.
  3. But the fact that the medical profession has, for example, tended to restrict entry to the profession so as to preserve status, jobs and income, does not imply that I should withhold my trust in the ability and intention of my doctor to act in my best interests.
  4. More commonly, he will have been given power to make laws, subject only to the controlling authority of one or both Houses of Parliament to unmake them, or to withhold the endorsement necessary for them to continue to enjoy the force of law.
  5. A high point in the novel is the altercation and huff with Gavin and his mates which precedes this: about the long holidays teachers get, or don't get, about the homework they withhold, and about the rights of weans - children - and the rights of parents.
  6. It is often very difficult to withhold any attention from a problem behaviour.
  7. All that exists, having been created by him, is his property - his to withhold, to bestow, and eventually to reclaim.
  8. "He gave me much time and attention but did not allow me to waste a minute; he left me fully free to express my feelings and thoughts but did not hesitate to present his own; he offered me space to deliberate about choices and to make decisions but did not withhold his opinion that some choices and decisions were better than others; he let me find my own way but did not hide the map that showed the right direction.
  9. It is understood that Lloyds was chosen to withhold its co-operation when 10 banks agreed in November to participate in preparations for the scheme's introduction next autumn.
  10. His officials threatened to withhold future financial aid, or even to freeze existing programmes.
  11. The BEA and the Area Boards reciprocated by, in general, not "padding" their capital applications with bogus figures to anticipate cuts, though the BEA did, on occasion, deliberately withhold information which they felt would prejudice their case within the Ministry.
  12. The commission had no choice but to expel City from the League for, as League President John McKenna explained, to have allowed the club to continue would have set a precedent for other clubs to withhold their books.
  13. Later, as the student becomes more proficient, she will provide her own feedback and the teacher may delay or withhold comments.

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