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Перевод: within speek within

внутри; в пределах;
внутренняя сторона;
в; внутри; в пределах; в течение; не поздн`ее; не далее как


  1. The next section will indicate the value of a teacher's comment or direct intervention is at the relevant time within the activity.
  2. We may want to count numbers living within plumes, circles of fixed radius, buffer zones and so on.
  3. If he remembers to set realistic targets and play within himself, he can perform with credit.
  4. I began to abandon my Western habits and within minutes crossed the bridge into the Sheikha's world, self-contained, unhurried, conscious of movement, aware of sound, small sips of fragrant coffee as against gulps of hot tea.
  5. He succeeded in doing so, but confided afterwards that no single examiner thought me worthy of a first, but when the marks were added up, mine were within a few marks of those who were obviously in the first class, and so my name was added to the list of three others.
  6. Within a few hours, a team of very brave men descended into the crater and entered the workings where the disaster had begun; the danger of further subsidence from the surface and the extremely unsafe condition of the underground workings meant that they were knowingly putting their lives at risk.
  7. He is also the latest discovery of British psychologist Dr Neil O'Connor, the world's foremost expert on savants and the man who has spent the past ten years helping to unlock the genius trapped within their flawed minds.
  8. One maintenance organisation encountered two aircraft with cracked panels within a six-week period.
  9. If a home does not meet the minimum standard, the owner will be able to claim back all the money spent within the first year after purchase on raising it to that level, through, for example, home insulation, up to the amount of stamp duty they paid when they bought the property (up to the maximum of 1000).
  10. Radically reforming conditions inside prisons , reducing overcrowding, improving prison officers' morale and punishing offenders where possible within the community.
  11. Although the civil rights strategy could not have been adopted by republicans without the approval of the leadership of the IRA - and Roy Johnston stressed the importance of its involvement in the Maghera meeting of 1966 - - this does not mean that the army council initiated the setting up of NICRA or that it paid any detailed attention to the work being done by republicans within the association.
  12. In this century, differences have emerged between leading churchmen in the region and, especially since the 1960s, the differences have developed into significant splits within the church.
  13. There is also a junior circuit within the grounds of Bohunt School for those with more modest ambitions.

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