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Перевод: without speek without

если не; без того, чтобы;
без; вне; за


  1. Die-hard enthusiasts may prefer one the full length of the car to cater for all maintenance without having to turn the car round.
  2. Growth in iron founding was not without problems although the history of many individual sites can never be written.
  3. A well trimmed model is much easier to fly and it is difficult for the beginner to trim a model without help.
  4. However, there is a tendency for the content of the packages to be simply a transfer of printed teaching matter to the computer medium, without capitalizing on the extra advantages of the medium, for example, making full use of its interactive teaching possibilities.
  5. Without the slightest warning at all bombs began to drop and shift whole areas at least fifty yards square.
  6. These equations can be scaled up or down, rotated, or anything else, without having to redefine them.
  7. "Where the processes carried on or the machinery installed are such as could be carried on or installed in any residential area without detriment to amenity of that area by reason of noise, vibration, smell , fumes, soot ash, dust or grit".
  8. These days I wear what I like without caring what anybody else thinks.
  9. The columns are available packed with any of the well known packing media and incorporate a threaded column tube and easy-fit fittings, giving effortless sealing, without constriction of the column tube.
  10. Gordon Waller 46, of Fowey, Cornwall, singer with the 1960's duo Peter and Gordon who had a hit with World Without Love, was cleared at Bodmin yesterday of sending an indecent fax message.
  11. Another rise in interest rates would make recession much more likely without necessarily ensuring a rapid easing of inflation.
  12. And, finally, this interpretation leads to the expectation that exposure to the context after latent inhibition training might be without effect.
  13. The Guardian can now declare: "No successful capitalist economy has been developed without the state sponsoring an entrepreneurial class, designing and encouraging a network of supportive institutions and actively intervening in the management of the economy."

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