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Перевод: withstand speek withstand

выстоять; выдержать; противостоять; сопротивляться


  1. River organisms' ability to survive the disruption of floods was never evolved to withstand this kind of onslaught.
  2. In this case the materials which are used must be strong enough to withstand placement of the crown by the dentist and the subsequent stresses created during eating.
  3. Built at 9am (unless if "it be Full Sea, the Service shall cease") it had to withstand three tides.
  4. It could withstand all but point-blank arrows.
  5. I am quite sure that the Moderator and his colleagues will be able to withstand any theological attack directed by the Rev. Ian Paisley, but when it approaches physical violence this is another matter.
  6. He was slight and short-sighted, with a gentle smile that belied an amazing toughness and an ability to withstand cold that was to beggar our belief.
  7. Although the records would withstand shear stresses, a simple knock on the edge could allow the two sides to be split apart.
  8. The local skaters take it upon themselves to remove some dangerous panelling designed to withstand loose board, however the local council see this as an act of vandalism and feeling are strong amongst some councillors to get rid of the ramp.
  9. The pto is designed to withstand the engine's high torque.
  10. His line of chat, and a bonhomie which could at times border on insensitivity, marked him out for her as a survivor; someone with whom she could risk herself; someone who could both carry and withstand her.
  11. The body of the adult human, however, can often withstand this chemical onslaught and ultimately recover fully.
  12. It is particularly suitable for table tops on account of its ability to withstand accidental spillages and does not blister when hot dishes are placed on it.
  13. Young people are best able to withstand the danger of alcohol abuse if they have been taught:

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