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Перевод: witless speek witless

безмозглый; глупый; слабоумный


  1. If you believe our young fans the secret of the film's success - it broke box office records in the US by grossing 25 million in its first five days - is that it shows a mere kid getting the better of two witless adults.
  2. Vegetables do," He guffawed, then gave a grotesque imitation of a witless paraplegic slumped in a wheelchair.
  3. During the winter Clive scraped by as best he could, bagging a rich brat here, a group of businessmen there, but come summer he cleaned up, netting the poor startled witless kids in droves.
  4. He just withdrew to his room; the more he was questioned the more witless he seemed, muttering about shadows on Kinghorn Ness."
  5. "He was questioned and visited by everyone, including Master Benstede, the French envoy, Bruce, Comyn, Wishart, but he seemed witless.
  6. Out front, Robert de Niro and Sean Penn at witless escaped convicts mistaken for iconoclastic priests; backstage, writer David Mamet and director Neil Jordan have joined forces to create this misconceived project.
  7. He was unable to speak but he glared back into her infuriated countenance, and when she said, "And don't bring Mary and Mick up as examples of paragons, for Mary is really witless; she's a good servant and nothing more.
  8. "Are you deaf, blind, witless?
  9. Now, as the rather skimpy Consciousness and Behaviour outlines, psychologists are having to face the fact that most people don't spend most of their time behaving like witless rats.
  10. The subject had bored me witless at school, but on Sheila's lips it all came alive, and forced me to the conclusion that it wasn't history which was boring, but those who tried to teach it.
  11. When Howell picks him up at dawn on a deserted Texan highway he immediately makes his intentions plain by scaring the boy witless.
  12. It took the disarmingly incautious David Mellor to acknowledge that everyone, Central Office included, was scared witless on Thursday morning.
  13. Ach, Elizabeth, what a witless way to behave!"

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