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Перевод: witness speek witness

очевидец ; свидетель ; понятой ; заверитель ; доказательство; свидетельство;
видеть; свидетельствовать; служить доказательством; служить уликой; быть свидетелем; заверять; засвидетельствовать; давать показания


  1. waiter at the Blue Boar, Rochester, invited by Pumblechook to witness Pip's "ingratitude".
  2. Whether or not the work is by Hippolytus, the document is a major source for early liturgy and is the first text to witness to liturgical patterns which have remained in use.
  3. He pulled this trick once too often against Debre, and was horrified one morning to see the Prime Minister sitting in the witness box, waiting to be cross-examined.
  4. Replacing them at a familial level, the spice-box has taken its place, sometimes simple, sometimes ornate; a witness to the fragrance of that Sabbath grace that lingers still.
  5. To see a disturbed animal rehomed several times and to witness the disastrous consequences and schizophrenic mess of a dog which results, one soon realises there are worse things which can happen to a dog than to be humanely destroyed.
  6. A sign which went up on the Raiders' dressing-room door after the match, advising that only Australian media personnel were welcome, bore witness to the visitors' touchiness about defeat, though at least they did not follow Manly's example and grumble about the referee.
  7. P. A. I got called as a witness in a motoring case, and it came up when I was on nights and I had to get up and call in the solicitor.
  8. Much of the West's money is laundered through its huge concentration of banks; its registered shipping clogs the sea-lanes of half the globe; its duty-free stores (once the repository of Peruvian silver) now hold immense quantities of electronic goods from the East; and its beaches and airports bear daily witness to the transfer of cocaine from the impoverished producers of South America to the insatiable markets of the North.
  9. One witness at the crash site said the US military commander there wanted to bulldoze the area immediately.
  10. Most people who negotiate for habitat in the countryside will bear witness that their hearts sink when an agent is involved.
  11. The star witness at this trial (if you ignore Swedish actress Liv Ullman who played a cameo part last week) is Boyd Jefferies, former head of a Wall Street broking firm.
  12. These tangible remains bear witness to the development of history in England over centuries.
  13. Unlike feeble human houses, this would witness the earth's dying day.

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