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Перевод: wits



  1. Only those who were regarded as "fit" could be trusted not to trade on the despair of people, at their wits end, reduced for the first time in their lives to seeking a loan.
  2. AFICIONADOS of the BBC's Test Match Trivia programme will soon have a chance to pit their wits in a contest of similar format.
  3. Not that I should say so, encourage trespassers, wildlifers, terrifying the poor brutes out of their wits.
  4. They were typical of part of what it was like to be homeless - having nowhere to go; having to avoid all representatives of authority; feeling tired and generally run-down; and needing to have my wits at their sharpest at a time when they had become critically undernourished.
  5. There are no manuals for this struggle, for it can only be done by those who have pure hearts and sharp wits and the wisdom to know themselves.
  6. The river was shallow, so Jenny wasn't in any danger of drowning; but she was scared out of her wits and soaked to the skin.
  7. For sequential interviews you need all your wits about you, which means being thoroughly well prepared and getting a decent night's sleep beforehand so your energy does not flag!
  8. He is an old man who Mr Browning met in the burning streets of Florence last month half out of his wits and with nowhere to go his wife having thrown him out for what reason I do not know.
  9. Which is a great pity, because if one cuts out all the Freudian claptrap, Abse has produced a brilliant character analysis of the Prime Minister, and of the whole Thatcher phenomenon, which succeeded in scaring the wits out of me.
  10. The show proved that the US was at its wits end.
  11. People especially like to pat foals, and unfortunately usually on their face or head, which scares the wits out of them.
  12. Jinny looked up, gathering her wits.
  13. Caught still standing at the window, Meg's scattered treasure, her, now lost forever, blown wits.

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