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Перевод: witticism speek witticism

острота ; шутка


  1. Be that as it may, since that first witticism concerning the gypsies, I have not been able to think of other such witticisms quickly enough.
  2. And beneath the exchange of gossip and witticism, the doubts and foibles of their inner selves are revealed, a process accelerated by the appearance of gilded socialist Edward Clements.
  3. The extreme diehards had written off Law as the dupe of Lloyd George because he did not come out fighting against coalition policies, hence the witticism that the coalition was an alliance between a flock of sheep led by a, crook and a flock of crooks led by a sheep.
  4. The witticism, which no one really believed, mocked researchers at the cutting edge of molecular biology who worked almost exclusively with E. coli but applied their conclusions to all living things.
  5. Tzann laughed nastily at the bitter witticism, inviting Kirov to join in, manoeuvring him into a betrayal of his countryman.
  6. And I followed this with a suitably modest smile to indicate without ambiguity that I had made a witticism, since I did not wish Mr Farraday to restrain any spontaneous mirth he felt out of a misplaced respectfulness.
  7. This witticism received rapturous applause and left his speechwriters beaming, no one seemingly bothered by the fact that it made no sense.
  8. Only then did it occur to me that, of course, my witticism would not be easily appreciated by someone who was not aware that it was gypsies who had passed by.
  9. "Those will have side effects," Benny said slowly, forgetting to even try a witticism.
  10. Mickey Aronson replied, delighted at the ribald laughter that greeted his witticism.
  11. Lydon: see witticism (right)
  12. I smiled obediently at this never-before-heard witticism, and followed him to a tank of Koi.
  13. When next you're tempted to indulge in a cheap witticism you might remember that."

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