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  1. Lodge himself, in his own admirable novels, has never been hampered by any lack of conviction that the language he employs is really about the social realities that he wittily records.
  2. As the lesson continued (" And they said: "Go to, let us build a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven""), the results of our expulsion from that linguistic Eden were wittily demonstrated.
  3. Corman added Nicholson in the lead role and a couple of attractive females, and the result was another Corman classic, a comic-strip horror tale, silly in conception but wittily funny.
  4. His Education Survey 2 Drama (1967), totally lacking in officialese, lucidly, wittily reports on a rag-bag of activities done in the name of drama and with an almost total lack of rationale behind the subject.
  5. Dr G. Hefter and Dr P. M. May have tried wittily to come to the rescue, but by misinterpreting the "obituary" ( Chem.
  6. Sometimes the wait to reach the ticket office in London's Victoria Station took five days so the queuers built themselves shelters of cardboard, plastic sacks and string, turning the queue into a shanty town wittily christened "Lakerville" by its occupants.
  7. He observed naughtily, subtly, wittily, passively, on occasion with a feline caress.
  8. It was wittily said by a bright genius, who observed another to labour in the composition of a discourse he was to deliver in public, that such a painstaker was fitter to make a pulpit than to preach in it.
  9. Easily as such writing can, on occasion, include the narcissistic or the vacuously ludic, it has at least the capacity to be seriously - or wittily - challenging, an enabling enhancement of its readers' vision and decisiveness.
  10. Eleanor wrote back wittily and they struck up a friendship.
  11. What Havel wittily shows is the kind of Catch-22 situation faced by a dissident in a despotism: whether to cling fiercely to your own moral integrity (thereby landing others in the shit) or whether to conform and perpetuate a corrupt system.
  12. Accordingly, even those who have learned some of the relevant names from Pound's biographers would be quite at sea if the editors had not marshalled, deftly and compactly and sometimes wittily, some very out-of-the-way information.
  13. Their new songs range from the rhythmic and tuneful Big Nuthin', with its gently cynical catalogue of the anticlimaxes of life, to an unaccompanied half-spoken, half-sung piece, The Anti-sex Backlash Of The Eighties, dealing wittily and angrily with sexual politics.

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