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Перевод: wittingly speek wittingly

умышленно; сознательно; заведомо


  1. Those who, wittingly or not, use the concept of "human rights" to attack societies from within or without find in the end that the result is neither health nor well-being.
  2. elevate the criminal justice into a "community service" - it is presented as being above politics and dispensing ' justice for all' irrespective of class, race, sex, or religion - this further legitimates the state and those whose interests it wittingly, or otherwise, furthers;
  3. But in teaching, where the qualities of relationship and self-presentation are vital determinants of how and how well people do their jobs, one's entire professional life is illuminated and coloured by what one, wittingly or unwittingly, believes and values.
  4. The high-minded imperialist rhetoric of politicians like Joseph Chamberlain served, wittingly or unwittingly, simply as a cover for the selfish profiteering of the vested interests.
  5. It is unfortunate that your article, wittingly or unwittingly, did not present the ICES report in its true context.
  6. While the motivation for the arms race is political, the scientist himself (and indeed herself) is the mainspring of its momentum, sometimes wittingly, sometimes unwittingly.
  7. "It is incredible that he made the mis-statement about Ohio other than wittingly and dishonestly."
  8. This is a major problem in Namibia, where almost all the private media are urban-oriented, reflecting mostly the interests and viewpoints of the urban elite while wittingly or unwittingly neglecting those of the rural inhabitants who constitute a greater percentage of the country's total population.
  9. Is his/her misbehaviour reinforced - wittingly or unwittingly - in the way people respond to him/her?
  10. convey "messages" (wittingly or unwittingly) by the tone of your voice and the sheer volume of criticism and attention paid to the child's bad points that you dislike him or her ?
  11. Every haulier, wittingly or otherwise, will become involved to some extent in Customs 88 procedures.
  12. One underlying issue, however, troubles me, Throughout there is the implication that to partake wittingly in an arms race is a perversion of science - as the conclusions say, "the role of scientists in the arms race is of crucial importance.

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