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  1. I liked the painterly side, the tradition of Matisse, but not the witty Duchamp approach - one might even say the homo side - to art.
  2. The sculptor mason now thought to have built it, Valentine Strong, whose building family owned stone quarries at nearby Little Barrington, will long be remembered for his witty epitaph in Fairford churchyard:
  3. Perhaps this is only a witty pleasantry; it may also be the delight this woman takes in her young friend's success.
  4. I shall mention only the lucid and witty essay of A.M. Turing, "Computing Machinery and Intelligence", Mind , 59 (1950), 433-;460.
  5. He was lively, witty and darkly handsome - the exact opposite of George.
  6. Their masterpieces were witty birthday and leaving cards.
  7. And Gary Stevens's performance piece, using toys and animals, is a witty play on ideas of confused identity.
  8. The chairman of the judges, Peter Porter, described him as being one of the "witty, but at the same time highly passionate, informed, moral, well-crafted poets.
  9. What a joy it is to find a press pack that is genuinely unusual, interesting, witty, self-deprecating or even just plain mad.
  10. At her considerable best - when her physical angularity, her fluttery, melodramatic flounces and her inclination to treat the most unpretentious line of dialogue as a conversation-stopper were tempered either by a real affinity with the role in question or else by a witty, self-deprecating sense of her own absurdity in it - she remained one of the most consistently spell-binding of Hollywood stars.
  11. It said a lot about the times and included some witty - but strangely unwieldy - material in Nicholson's script.
  12. The after dinner speaker was Professor Heinz Wolff, of Brunel University, who gave a witty and entertaining talk on the possible applications of chemistry to manned space travel.
  13. When blindness compelled him to give up farming in 1966 he learned Braille and carried on with his public duties, being much in demand as a witty public speaker.

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