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  1. Wives often do not know how much their husbands earn.
  2. Sir James, who although a Tory supporter was knighted in Harold Wilson's resignation honours in 1976, has seven children by three wives.
  3. Examination of the courses they attended suggested that these were not uniformly suitable for wives and that more courses aimed at helping wives to substitute for husbands in an emergency would be useful.
  4. Brynner's life in America is better known: the movies, some outstanding, like The Magnificent Seven, many terrible; the wives; the lovers - Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford (a businesslike woman in love as in other affairs, making their encounter "among the least erotic half hours" in Brynner's life); and above all the role that he created and that in the end devoured him, the King of Siam.
  5. As it happened, the Stewart kings between 1406 and 1542 had married wives of considerable personality and, except in the case of Margaret Tudor, skill; in the power-sharing between Mary of Gueldres, widow of James II, and the then elder statesman, James Kennedy, bishop of St Andrews, during the early years of James III's minority, for example, it was the Queen Mother who pursued a much more intelligent foreign policy towards England than the bishop.
  6. In due course, she entered government as the wife of the President of the Board of Trade in the first Labour administration (where her social background came in useful advising less elegantly born wives on "clothes and curtseys" when visiting the Palace).
  7. However, it is questionable whether the doors of the family home should be closed to the criminal law when so many offences of wife-battering, child battering, and sexual abuse of wives and children seem to go on behind them.
  8. They are simply cases of men accumulating several women who themselves are in the same situation as monogamous wives.
  9. Both Leapor and "Sophia" find something contemptible in the claims of men to automatic mastery over their wives.
  10. Not a lucky man with wives, John Carter.
  11. Disagreements between the founder's ten sons, most of whom have had two or more wives and so lots of their own children, nearly tore the group apart.
  12. For men, returning home after years away from their wives and children, a new beginning had to be made.
  13. He could pretend she was a good housewife, cook and mother to other men who were disgruntled at their wives, brilliant careers.

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