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Перевод: wizard speek wizard

колдовской; великолепный;
колдун ; чародей ; маг ; кудесник ; волшебник ; фокусник


  1. Silk duchesse satin and beaded lace dress by Wizard of Gos (Donna, 1,850)
  2. Wizard stuff.
  3. Like the Tin-Man in The Wizard of Oz , rigid under the apple trees, she needed oil.
  4. The Second World War introduced many new sayings: "wizard prang" which became "wizard", "do a pancake" and "put me in the picture".
  5. But I just lay there, rigid, as if some wizard was standing over me with his arm raised holding a black wand and declaiming, Robina Marquis you are turned to marble.
  6. It pierced the wizard's forehead and penetrated to his brain as he stood cursing; death took him unawares as it did Goliath, and his lifeless body fell backwards on to the sand.
  7. ST HELENS' Championship hopes suffered a serious blow yesterday when Welsh wizard Jonathan Griffiths dislocated his shoulder.
  8. He was a wizard at appealing to everyone's sense of childlike wonder.
  9. The little Bath wizard kept England B driving forward and changed a 5-;8 half-time deficit into an 11-;8 lead with two penalties early in the second period.
  10. There's Mumphkin the Leprechaun, Spazzle the Wizard and all the twitchy rabbits of Colostomy Castle!
  11. The critics' favourite accusation that Neverland looks like a theme park is fair, though hardly a criticism - most children and adults enjoy Disneyland, and the movie is no more garish than The Wizard of Oz, a great children's film which has been rendered critically respectable by age.
  12. The loss of the Scotch wizard had, as Chapman put it, "an unfortunate influence on the team"; Arsenal did not win another match before the final and Everton increased their lead to seven points.
  13. She blossomed from a precocious teenager in films like The Wizard Of Oz into a charismatically attractive woman with towering talent, able to sing, dance and act like no one before or since.

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