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Перевод: wizardry speek wizardry

колдовство; чары


  1. The Demogorgon's powers of wizardry were unequalled:
  2. Welsh wizardry
  3. Jeu de Cartes , in particular, is nothing short of a tour de force or orchestral wizardry, superb engineering, and interpretative control.
  4. See what happened overleaf when we went north to practise our own floral wizardry on a few of those bright young Mancunians
  5. But it was an American company, United Artists, which put together the talents of Richard Lester, a London-based American who had acquired fast-cutting wizardry on live TV shows, and a phenomenon far bigger than Cliff, the Beatles, for A Hard Day's Night (1964).
  6. The great magician Merlin was said to have been born of a union between an incubus and a nun; happily Merlin used his other-worldly powers of wizardry for good, rather than evil.
  7. With "If I Was Your Girlfriend" he created another identity for himself ("Camille") by subjecting his vocal to studio wizardry that tweaked it up to an androgynous 55 rpm.
  8. After a demonstration of this bit of electronic wizardry called Aladin Pro, I was surprised to discover it used Professor Bhlmann's tables as its basis and, as well as an instruction manual, it also came with a set of Bhlmann tables.
  9. The electronic wizardry of Grumman's JSTARS helped turn the land battle for Kuwait into a "turkey shoot".
  10. Science: Windows on worlds beyond Science editor RogerHighfield spotlights the best of British space wizardry about to go on display in Seville
  11. He recalls his days as a graduate student when the famous IBM 650 was the last word in computing wizardry.
  12. Besides he's better with the electronic wizardry."
  13. I look forward to the day when the technological wizardry of Contraves can be concentrated in their Biomedical Technology, and Space Technology, Divisions.

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