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Перевод: wizened

иссохший и морщинистый; сморщенный; высохший


  1. Women are crawling out of the woodwork but they are duplicitous and wizened, swamp people and ratbags, and they can blacken and turn leathery before I will condescend to them.
  2. They sat on a patch of wizened grass at the foot of a three-storey-high rose-bush.
  3. Then he turns towards the wizened, worn-out figure of the 87-year-old woman sitting beside him and says: "He is doing all right, there seems to be some response.
  4. A few doors away I watched for half an hour through a film of sunlit flour motes as a small, soft mass of dough was miraculously spun and flung out to cover six-foot squares of sacking by two whirling, wizened old men.
  5. He looked up; the old wizened face was gone, instead the man was young, sharp-eyed, with long black hair falling to his shoulders.
  6. The first interrogator was not the officer who had looked in the day before but a wizened little old man who seemed half afraid of me.
  7. "You'll grow up to be an ugly wizened little monster with short arms and a big head.
  8. On the day I spoke to him, his wizened granite-faced skipper Kepler Wessels (who is almost the antithesis of Rhodes) had sat down and spoken to the 22-year-old from Natal about his game.
  9. Her hair was thin and fair and long, caught back with an elastic band, and her face was thin and long too, wizened and pinched.
  10. He had a bony wizened face and an unhealthy pallor.
  11. As the dust spun slowly down through the sunlight on to Miss Harker's silent form, he waited patiently at her elbow like a wizened monkey whose master, the organ-grinder, has fallen asleep and forgotten to start the music.
  12. There were only about half a dozen of them, and they could see clearly that they were wizened and wrinkled and, quite plainly, not worth gathering
  13. He also introduced Corbett who felt many of the lords were too busy to acknowledge him though he noticed Bishop Wishart of Glasgow, a wizened little man with a face as brown and as wrinkled as a shrivelled walnut, studying him intently beneath heavy-lidded eyes.

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